10 Live Casinos That Use AstroPay for Secure Deposits

AstroPay is one of the most popular casino deposit methods in the live casino industry. It is a unique way to make an online transaction without giving personal information to a third party. It is a virtual card for online purchases, and the card can be used for a fixed time and amount. Any details left behind disappear once the card is out of credit.

AstroPay makes instant and secure transactions once loaded with credit. There are no fees for depositing money onto a card or completing a transaction. Finally, AstroPay is a great gift idea and an excellent way to limit spending because it is prepaid. This prevents long-term debt and regular fees.

10 Live Casinos That Use AstroPay for Secure Deposits
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Best Live Casinos with AstroPay

Almost all the best live casinos that allow players to play for real money accept AstroPay. It is an important aspect to find a deposit method that is popular and has unique features with a huge availability around the globe. The payment method is most popular in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Europe. The virtual card offers many benefits to players, making it a darling of many. Its most outstanding unique feature is the ability to maintain anonymity. To use the card when playing in a live dealer casino, a user is only required to enter the card details and the amount they intend to deposit. The amount is deducted directly from the card without being asked for further personal information.

Like a virtual prepaid card. To acquire it, users need to first register on AstroPay. Next, they purchase a card from an AstroPay agent. The purchase can be done in cash, mobile money, with cards, or using e-wallets. The card number, code, and expiry date are sent to the user's email after purchase. An AstroPay card is, however, not reloadable.

Some of the advantages of Using AstroPay are:

  • Being a virtual card with an expiry date, AstroPay protects users from tracking that can be used to infiltrate their bank accounts or wallets. That the card is virtual means that it cannot be stolen or misplaced. All a user needs is to store the card number in a safe place.
  • AstroPay payments are cheap and instant. When the method is used to deposit in online casinos, payments reflect immediately. The card can be bought using a variety of payment methods and in different currencies. This makes it a local method of payment no matter where users are located.
  • Although it rarely has irregularities, AstroPay still has a dedicated team of customer support available round the clock. Users who encounter payment hitches can reach support through calls, live chat, or email. This is localized to the region where such a user is located. From reviews, there is general satisfaction with how the company handles customer concerns. The AstroPay app available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store makes the payment method even more efficient for mobile device users.

Depositing with AstroPay at Live Casinos

After signing up on a live dealer online casino, a player needs to select AstroPay as their preferred deposit method. They will then need to purchase the virtual card. To deposit, the details of the card and the amount are entered on the 'Deposit Now' window. After confirming the transaction, the amount is deducted from the card immediately, and the player is well set to start wagering.

AstroPay is not usually connected to bank accounts since it is a virtual card with an expiry date. However, some AstroPay agents accept bank transfers when a player is buying the virtual card. The card does not have a daily deposit limit and can be used for even relatively huge payments. However, some online casinos have a daily deposit limit that can be made using this payment method.

Astropay Account Opening Process

Astropay is a virtual prepaid card that lets individuals pay, withdraw, and transfer money in their local currency without a bank account or credit card. It has been available since 2009, but it's still one of the best choices for consumers who want the convenience of a debit card but want to keep their bank accounts separate when shopping online.

Astropay has expanded its payment options to include Astropay Direct and One Touch since its start. Astropay Direct accepts direct payments from the majority of major banks and payments in local currencies. One-Touch is an electronic wallet that allows merchants to accept payments using a single, secure integration tool. Both deposits and withdrawals are possible.

Steps of Opening an Account

Registering for the card is straightforward, and the initial step entails providing a valid mobile phone number. Then, via SMS, a one-time activation code is sent. When prompted, enter this information into the appropriate section on the official website. Creating a password is, of course, required. The third phase entails giving extra data, such as:

  • Full names
  • Birthday.
  • Identification proof; such as a driving license or a passport.
  • A working email address.

The Astropay account will then be activated, and the player will receive an email confirmation. After that, monies can be transferred to a prepaid Astropay card.


Unlike some other payment systems, Astropay cards cannot be topped up once the funds have been depleted. Instead, users have to buy a completely new card.

How to Make a Withdrawal with Astropay

After winning at live casinos, one needs to select "Withdraw" from the Cashier section of the profile. Then the user will choose their withdrawal currency and the amount they want to withdraw. Users will see the transaction's summary. The final step is to enter the verification code that was sent to users through email or SMS. And click "Next" to confirm the transaction.

When players use Astropay in live casinos to make a withdrawal, they are given a new card. The new card information is sent to their inbox or mobile app. Alternatively, users can manage their transactions using the mobile app. Astropay is only available for deposits in specific casinos rather than direct withdrawals.

Limits and Processing Times

The maximum amount players can withdraw differs by country. Limits are often small, making the method inappropriate for large withdrawals. Users can only make five withdrawals at a time. Withdrawals through Astropay in live casinos usually take seven days to complete.

Top Casino Bonuses for Astropay

Live casino bonuses often boost users’ wallets, allowing them to play their favorite games for longer. The longer individuals play, the more chances they’ll have to win, not to mention all the excitement.

Welcome Bonuses

The welcome bonuses are usually awarded to new players and could be based on the deposit amount, up to a specific limit. But some casinos give a predetermined amount regardless of the amount of money deposited. The bonus thus varies from casino to casino.

Reload Bonuses

Reload bonuses are similar to sign-up bonuses in that they are awarded depending on the amount of money that users deposit. Reload bonuses can be claimed weekly or monthly, whilst welcome bonuses can be claimed over the first deposit or numerous initial deposits. They are sometimes included in loyalty programs alongside cashback bonuses.

Cashback Bonuses

The cashback bonus is often given to players using several payment methods in live casinos. Players depositing with Astropay will receive the reward from time to time. A cashback bonus can cover players' losses up to a set amount. This depends on whether players claim it when they register or as an existing player. It is usually offered as a percentage rate of between 10% and 25% of the loss.

Astropay Supported Currencies and Countries

Players can buy cards using various currencies around the world. E-wallets like PayPal, bank transfers, and third-party credit cards like Visa and MasterCard are all accepted as payment methods. Thus, Astropay is gaining popularity among primary payment methods in live casinos for many individuals worldwide. The payment provider continuously updates and enhances the quality of financial services it provides to consumers.

Latin American countries that accept this payment method are:

  • Chile
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Peru
  • Columbia
  • Uruguay

It's also available in several other nations, some of the few are:

  • Japan
  • Greece
  • China
  • Costa Rica

Players can check the operator’s website to determine if the Astropay in live casinos mechanism is available in their country.

Astropay has made substantial adjustments to its operating countries and areas. While the Euro, Sterling Pound, and US Dollar are its primary currencies, it allows users to transact in their local currencies in most locations where it operates.

Why Deposit with Astropay



Deposits are processed immediately.Astropay cannot be used to withdraw funds from a casino.
Low transaction fees: Deposits have no costs associated with them.Some people have reported that getting a refund is difficult.
A smartphone application is available to customers.At this time, not all worldwide currencies are supported.
Anonymous and safe; the card is virtual meaning it cannot be stolen or misplaced.Although not every casino accepts Astropay, the number of casinos that do steadily increases.
A rising number of casinos are accepting bitcoin.
The card can be purchased in a range of currencies and with various payment methods. As a result, it can be used as a local payment mechanism regardless of where users are.
Mobile device users will find it helpful. The Apple App Store and Google Play Store have the Astropay app.

Safety and Security at Astropay

Astropay is a secure, legal, and reputable payment option that uses cutting-edge encryption technology to safeguard each card from fraud and misuse. The card also comes preloaded which is good for anyone trying to keep their gambling expenditure under control.
Like that of other prepaid cards, users’ information will never be shared with a third-party vendor. In the same way, players won't have to submit any personal information to the online casino while making a transfer.

Astropay also can send players an SMS message if any action, such as a deposit or withdrawal, is detected in their Astropay account. This significantly lowers the likelihood of fraud. Astropay is a peer-to-peer (P2P) money transfer service. In other words, when it comes to transactions, users’ information is not held in any central database. With alternatives like credit cards, this isn't always the case.

Additionally, Astropay implements a digital security technique known as SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption. This method effectively renders it illegible when data is transferred between two parties. It will be difficult to decrypt without a one-time "key" even if it is accessible. These are just a few reasons why the most excellent Astropay casinos are relatively safe.

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Everything you need to know about casinos

What is Astropay?

Astropay is a virtual prepaid card allowing quick, safe, and convenient online deposits. Astropay users can make several online purchases, including making deposits at live casinos.

How do you register to start using Astropay?

Registering to Astropay is free and quick. They don't require any financial or personal information besides email, country of residence, name, and password.

How do you pay using Astropay in live casinos?

Go through the available deposit methods and select Astropay. Enter the 16-digit security code and wait for confirmation from the live casino.

What are the fees involved when using Astropay in Live Casinos?

There are no fees for making deposits using Astropay in live casinos.

Do all live casinos accept Astropay?

No. Astropay is only available in select Latin American countries and China. Also, the rules vary in the countries that accept live casino deposits in Astropay. For instance, some put a cap on the number of cards an individual can purchase. Since each card expires after 12 months, a user can't buy more after hitting the year's limit.

Does Astropay accept mobile deposits?

Yes. There's also an Astropay mobile app for Android and iOS users to enable fast and convenient mobile transactions.

What are the minimum and maximum deposits when using Astropay in live casinos?

The maximum and minimum deposits bettors can make using Astropay in live casinos differ from one platform to the next. However, card denominations range from as little as $25 to as much as $500.

How long does it take for Astropay deposits to reflect on a user's wallet?

Astropay deposits are instant.

Does the Astropay virtual card accept withdrawals?

No. Astropay prepaid virtual cards only accept deposits.

Is it safe to use Astropay in live casinos?

Yes. Astropay uses top-rated security features to make every deposit safe and convenient.