Top Live Casinos in Cambodia

Live casinos are fast gaining prominence across the world for varied reasons. For starters, live online casinos offer an online gaming experience but with the benefits offered by land-based casinos. Such entail live dealers running games in real-time, as is usually the case in traditional casinos. Nowadays, most live casinos employ cutting-edge technology to offer alluring live games. That has resulted in Cambodian punters shifting to live casinos. Accessing the live dealer casinos is also relatively easy, especially the casinos that allow mobile live gaming. All such factors contribute to the increasing popularity of live casinos in Cambodia.

Top  Live Casinos in Cambodia
Best Live Casinos in Cambodia

Best Live Casinos in Cambodia

Choosing the right live casino is an indispensable decision as it determines a player's experience when gambling. Cambodian punters have a wide selection of options to consider as there are hundreds of live casinos that accept Cambodian punters. Players should consider several factors to make the right choice, including those highlighted below.


Safety and security should be a priority when choosing a live casino. Punters should ensure that the live casino they choose has all the relevant safety and security measures in place to guarantee them their privacy and protection of financial transactions. That helps to avoid fraudulent live gaming sites or being hacked. Confirming that the casino is fully licensed also helps with that.

Game Variety

Different online casinos offer different varieties of games. Because of challenging logistical issues, some live casinos have limited capacity regarding the number of live games they can provide at a time. Others also do not offer live gaming 24/7. For such reasons, Cambodian punters should choose live casinos that provide all the live games they wish to play at their most convenient time.

Bonuses and Promotions

Live casinos offer players a long list of bonuses and other promotional rewards. The amount and type of bonuses vary among the live casinos in Cambodia. Punters can thus select the live casinos that offer the best bonuses and promotions.

Best Live Casinos in Cambodia
Why Choose a Live Casino in Your Country

Why Choose a Live Casino in Your Country

Generally, experts recommend punters choose live casinos based in their country. Doing so comes with numerous advantages over offshore alternatives. Local live casinos usually have the dealers speaking in the local language that punters understand. That eliminates language barrier issues without necessarily having to use any form of translation. The same applies when accessing customer support services.

Choosing a locally-based live casino allows punters to transact using their local currency. That helps avoid any currency conversion costs and the inconvenience of using foreign currencies. The punters can also make transactions using local payment options, which are generally more convenient and cheaper.

Why Choose a Live Casino in Your Country
Best Bonuses in Cambodia

Best Bonuses in Cambodia

As mentioned earlier, casinos usually offer a long list of bonuses for various reasons. In most cases, the bonuses are awarded to attract new punters, retain the existing ones, and encourage frequent play. Casino bonuses offer several advantages to punters but usually come with wagering requirements. Below is a highlight of some of the most popular bonuses in Cambodia.

Welcome Bonus

Virtually all live casinos nowadays offer welcome bonuses in Cambodia. In some cases, the bonus award might not be added to a player's account directly, meaning the player has to be aware of the bonus and source for the bonus code. Qualifying for a welcome bonus is usually straightforward; a player should sign up for an account and submit their details. Punters must also deposit funds to get the bonus award in some cases.

Matched Deposit Bonus

Matched deposit bonuses are usually offered to incentivize punters to deposit more funds into their live gaming account. The casino offers a bonus amount that can be equivalent or a percentage of the deposit a player makes. In most live casinos, the offer is usually limited to the first two or three deposits or offered to players who have not deposited funds into their account for a long time.

Loyalty Bonuses

Loyalty bonuses are typically offered to punters who stick to the same casino for a long time. In most cases, such punters are upgraded to VIP membership, where they enjoy higher bonuses and other special privileges. Wagering requirements for loyalty bonuses are usually significantly lower than other bonus types.

Best Bonuses in Cambodia
Live Casino Payment Methods in Cambodia

Live Casino Payment Methods in Cambodia

Cambodian punters can use various payment methods to funds from live casinos. Each method has its pros and cons. Thus, players have to consider the options available to them and pick one that is more favorable or convenient when choosing a payment method. In most instances, payment methods that allow local currency, Cambodian riel, are preferable. Below are some of the most popular payment options.

Credit and Debit cards

Credit and debit cards is some of the most are accepted internationally and in Cambodia. They are also significantly safe and secure payment options, trusted by millions globally.

Some of the top credit and debit card in Cambodia are:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express

Digital Wallets

Digital wallets are highly preferred in Cambodia. That is mostly because of how easy they are to use and how safe and secure they are. Another top benefit of digital wallets is that they support withdrawals in many live casinos. Punters thus do not need to use different payment options when depositing and withdrawing.

Mobile Payments

Mobile payments enjoy considerable popularity in Cambodia, with Wing being the most popular mobile payment service. It is a phone-to-phone payment service that most live casinos accept because of its advantages. Transactions are processed immediately without users having to provide their private banking details. Other mobile payments are through banking apps provided by several banks in the country.

Bank Transfer

Many Cambodian punters use bank transfers for real money casino gaming. For this option, users usually send money directly from their bank accounts to those of the live casinos they wish to play. However, bank transfers take more time to process than other payment methods. That means it is not suitable for punters who want to start playing immediately after making a deposit.

Live Casino Payment Methods in Cambodia
Laws and Restrictions in Cambodia

Laws and Restrictions in Cambodia

Cambodia has relatively strict laws against all forms of gambling, including live gambling. However, gambling is only prohibited for Cambodian citizens. Tourists to the country can still gamble as much as they want, both online and in land-based casinos. That means there is still a thriving gambling industry in the country. Below are some of the policies that have been used to regulate gambling in Cambodia over the years.

Suppression of Gambling Law of 1996

The enactment of this Law sought to ban all forms of unauthorized gambling in Cambodia. That applies to online live gaming as well, even though it was much of a thing at the time. The Law also has provisions for penalties for anyone caught running or taking part in illegal gambling activities. The punishments included short prison sentences and monetary fines. That was even though the Department of Prisons in Cambodia had not listed gambling as an offense that could be punishable by imprisonment.

Law on the Management of Commercial Gambling (LMCG), 2020

This is the latest Law passed by the Cambodian government to regulate gambling. The Law was made for several years and was eventually adopted by the national assembly on 5th October 2020 and promulgated on 14th November 2020 by the king of Cambodia. The Law aims to improve the effectiveness of commercial gambling businesses management in Cambodia while maximizing revenues from the industry to boost the country's economy.

The LMCG contains 97 Articles in 12 Chapters, covering the scope of the Law, responsible authorities, commercial gambling zoning, licensing, integration, casino development, dispute settlement, and administrative punishment and sanction, among other fundamental features.

Laws and Restrictions in Cambodia

Live casinos in Cambodia are gaining popularity very fast because of the advantages that live dealer games offer compared to the typical online casino games. In this casino guide, find everything there is to know about live casino gambling in Cambodia.

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What Is a Live Casino?

What Is a Live Casino?

Also known as the live dealer section, a live casino is a casino product that allows players to bet on brick & mortar casino games remotely in real-time. The events at the land casino are streamed to the remote participants. Cambodian gamblers love live dealer games because they are authentic, immersive, available 24/7, and more transparent than RNG casino games.

There are so many live dealer games on Cambodian live casinos, including live poker, live blackjack, live roulette, live baccarat, etc. The most prominent live dealer studios in the country are operated by Ezugi. On the other hand, offshore live casinos are run by some of the renowned live casino software providers.

What Is a Live Casino?
Best Live Casinos in Cambodia

Best Live Casinos in Cambodia

Cambodia has many online casinos with live dealer games. Interestingly, some live casino games are streamed live from the renowned casinos in the country, for example, Grand Dragon Resorts. Many other offshore live casinos accept Cambodian players. Below are the best live casinos in Cambodia in 2021.

Best Live Casinos in Cambodia


Everything you need to know about casinos

How do I play live casino in Cambodia?

To play live casino games, punters must find an offshore live dealer casino that allows Cambodian punters to play. They can then follow the appropriate steps to create a live gaming account, deposit funds into the account, and join a virtual room where they can play their favorite game.

What are the best live casinos in Cambodia?

Some of the best live casinos in Cambodia include 22BET, 20bet, Megapari, and 1xSlots. Each of such live casinos is ranked based on numerous factors such as quality of video stream, professionalism of dealers, payment options offered, and user-friendliness of the interface.

Are live casinos legal in Cambodia?

Live casinos are legal in Cambodia as long as the operators go through the entire approval process, including licensing. However, live casinos are prohibited from allowing Cambodians to play.

Who regulates online gambling in Cambodia?

The Commission of Commercial Gambling is tasked with regulating all forms of commercial gambling in Cambodia. The Commission of Commercial Gambling is inter-ministerial, with representatives from several governmental ministries.

What are the most preferred casino bonuses in Cambodia?

Welcome and no-deposit bonuses are undoubtedly the most popular casino incentives among Cambodian punters. Those bonuses are popular because punters do not have to do much to qualify for them. The no deposit bonuses, in particular, are popular because punters do not need to risk their money to enjoy the bonuses.

What are the most popular game providers in Cambodia?

Cambodia's most popular game providers include Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, Real-Time Gaming, and Betsoft.