September 26, 2021

Will Artificial Intelligence Ever Replace Human Casino Dealers?

Leticia "Letty" Santos
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Your fears have finally been confirmed; AI (artificial intelligence) is here to stay. Today, robots are replacing human intelligence around the world at a supersonic speed. In fact, it’s just a matter of time before AI-powered vehicles hit the roads.

Will Artificial Intelligence Ever Replace Human Casino Dealers?

But while online casino players about to reap big from this technology, dealers at legal live casinos are having sleepless nights. So, will AI displace live casino dealers from their jobs? This post takes a look!

What is AI (Artificial Intelligence)?

AI is the intelligence of a robot or machine. It is similar to human intelligence, only that this time you’ll be dealing with a machine. A good example is the Royal Caribbean ships, which feature a robotic bartender called the Tipsy Robot. This machine can mix and produce up to 120 cocktails per hour. As of now, Tipsy Robot is already doing its thing in Las Vegas casinos.

The Traditional Live Casino Dealer

Casino dealers are central to the entertainment you get at any given live casino. These trained professionals make sure all players adhere to the gameplay rules, and the games are run smoothly. They do this by keeping an eye on any mischievous activity on the table and take necessary action on cheating players.

Also, dealers have a likable personality that makes the whole gameplay experience fun and lively. They will make sure all players feel comfortable in the casino and offer any assistance to newbies. All in all, robots replacing human dealers will be a tall order, but nothing is cast in stone.

Cue Robot Dealer

Casinos are spending a fortune on human salaries. That is why most operators are burning the midnight oil to ensure smooth and effective operations but at a lower cost. It’s estimated that the ‘average’ dealer’s salary has risen by 150% over the last decade.

For example, Evolution has already incorporated a robotic arm that throws the dice on its live craps game. However, if this trend spreads to other live casino games like blackjack, roulette, poker, and more, then it’s safe to admit that the future of live dealers is in jeopardy.

How AI Will Affect Casino Gambling

Up to here, it’s evident that land-based and online casino dealers are on the chopping board. The first reason is that robots will be cheaper to maintain than human labor. On average, a casino dealer in Las Vegas earns about $15 per hour. Suppose a dealer works for 6 hours per day; that’s a cool $2,700 per month.

Also, there will be less human error with AI-powered casino dealers. Currently, basic human errors are costing casinos worldwide millions or even billions. This applies to the cashier, floor person, pit boss, and any other person involved. But with robots, casinos will only deal with programming errors, which will be rare in any case.

On the player’s side, tipping the dealer will be a thing of the past. This will not only save you a few bucks but also ensure a free and fair gaming platform. As for the dealer, this is terrible news.

Will Robots Replace Human Casino Dealers?

Although this article is mostly about speculations and predictions, the reality is that AI will dominate. It just a matter of when and not if it will happen. This might be a century or even half a century.

But the comforting news is that human intelligence is on another level. Casino players are known to be very social individuals. So, it’s foolhardy to think that casino gaming will be the same without human interaction.

In conclusion, AI will only come to complement human intelligence and not replace it. So, go ahead and apply for that live casino dealer post. The future is even brighter!

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