November 8, 2022

BetConstruct Readies up SPiCE Philippines

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BetConstruct is getting ready to attend the SPiCE Philippines expo. While some might not be interested in this event, it is actually a big deal for both gamblers that take part in online gambling and online casinos. 

BetConstruct Readies up SPiCE Philippines

However, a ton of people might not be familiar with what this event actually is, with the main reason being that this is the first-ever SPiCE event. If you are interested in learning more about the event, you are in the right place. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming SPiCE event in the Philippines and what BetConstruct has to do with it. 

What is Betconstruct?

First up, let's dive into what BetConstruct actually is. If you have just started online betting or gambling, you probably have never heard about it. However, BetConstruct is currently one of the leading providers of online betting and gambling software solutions. BetConstruct has also won several awards for its quality.

BetConstruct is a global organization, and you can find a BetConstruct development center, service center, and sales center in all parts of the world. If you are using a popular online betting platform, you have likely experienced software developed by BetConstruct, which can include sports books and gambling games like slots. 

BetConstruct works on a whole range of software solutions for online gambling platforms. However, their primary area of experience is sports betting, which is why they primarily provide software solutions for online sportsbooks. 

The BetConstruct platform covers over 120 sports types. Sports covered by BetConstruct also include Virtual Sports like Virtual Football and Virtual Basketball and Esports, like Rocket League and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 

What is SPiCE?

The SPiCE expo is the Strategic Platform for iGaming Conference & Exhibition, which aims at becoming one of the biggest events for online live casinos, betting sites, and all other stakeholders of the online betting industry in Southeast Asia. The SPiCE expo for 2022 is the first edition of the SPiCE events. 

The main goal of the SPiCE expo is to provide an all-in-one platform where organizations and individuals from the online gambling industry can meet, discuss, and potentially find new business opportunities. The SPiCE expo aims at growing the whole ecosystem of online betting and gambling by allowing providers, developers, and online gambling platforms to showcase their new innovations. 

What all of that means for some of the newly launched providers and online gambling platforms is that they will be able to promote their products and services in front of some of the most prominent names in the online gambling industry. This will not only allow for some huge collaboration opportunities for all stakeholders, but it will allow the whole online gambling ecosystem to grow. 

BetConstruct & SPiCE

With the SPiCE expo, the BetConstruct organization is planning on expanding its portfolio of software solutions even more. To broaden its spectrum of partnered platforms, BetConstruct will be attending the SPiCE expo, showcasing what Sportsbook software and Data Feed solutions they have to offer. 

Another thing that interested people should be aware of is that BetConstruct will exhibit over 10,000 games from over 40 third-party providers. That list of games also includes casino games like slots and live casino games like live roulette and live blackjack. Along with that, BetConstruct also plans on hosting over 12,000 live events on a monthly basis. 

When & Where Will the Event Take Place?

If you are interested in the event, you might be wondering when and where it will be taking place. The SPiCE expo will be held in Cebu, Philippines. Cebu is a province in the Philippines that is made up of several small islands in a certain radius. 

The SPiCE expo will be a three-day event, which is usual for events of this scale. The SPiCE expo Philippines starts on the 26th of October, 2022, and ends on the 28th of October, 2022.

Why Is the Event Important?

At this point, you might be wondering what this event has to do with you as a person who plays online gambling games and occasionally takes part in some other forms of betting. 

The thing is, the gambling industry is not all great. There are a ton of platforms out there that conduct shady practices, and some platforms are straight-up scams. A simple Google search can lead you to tons of reports of people getting scammed and losing their money. 

Because of the SPiCE expo, the online gambling industry will grow as a whole and allow legitimate online gambling platforms to get new opportunities. People will have more legitimate options to use for online gambling. Also, the expo will allow for proper regulation and licensing, which will benefit the end consumer.

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