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Live casinos are legal in Latvia with the market being highly regulated so that the relevant authorities can maintain control over it. The authorities try to block offshore live casinos that are offering their live games to the Latvian players from operating in Latvia. Since there are not many live casinos in Latvia, players try finding ways to gamble at these offshore casinos for better deals like promotions and bonuses. Even though it is strictly forbidden to wager at foreign sites, it's rare that punters get punished for this. We provide a list of many of the top live online casinos in Latvia, see our list and find a live casino that suits your needs.

Top  Live Casinos in Latvia
About Latvia

About Latvia

The Republic of Latvia is a country located in the Baltic region in Northern Europe. It shares its borders with Estonia to the north, Lithuania to the south, Russia to the east, Belarus to the southeast, and also has a maritime border with Sweden, which is to the west. Latvia’s population counts 1.9 million residents, with its capital being Riga. The Latvian language is one of the only two surviving Baltic languages. Russians are a minority in the country, and they count around 24% of the population.

Latvia is considered to be a developed country, and the high-income advanced economy proves that together with its ranking in the Human Development Index, which is high. Civil liberties, press freedom, internet freedom, democratic governance, living standards, and peacefulness are among the values that are highly developed in the country.

Latvia is a member of the big international organizations, such as the EU, Eurozone, NATO, the Council of Europe, the UN, CBSS, the IMF, NB8, NIB, OECD, OSCE, and WTO.

About Latvia
Live Casinos in Latvia

Live Casinos in Latvia

Latvia is quite new to the online gambling sector, but the country seems to be catching up pretty quickly. Online gambling has been legal since 2006, but the market is highly regulated so that the relevant authorities can maintain control over it.

Live casinos are legal in Latvia, and they offer all types of games, besides the classical ones. The legislation which covers all types of gambling in Latvia is the Gambling and Lotteries Law, and it says that operators can apply for a license under specific circumstances to the relevant body, which is called the Lotteries and Gambling Supervision Inspections of Latvia.

The relevant authorities look to actively block ISPs of live casinos from outside the country, but there are still quite a few operating in Latvia, offering their games to the Latvian players. Currently, there are around 10 live casinos in Latvia, so players normally try to access foreign sites to get better promotions, bonuses, etc.

Although it is strictly forbidden to gamble at offshore, unlicensed operators, there are some present in the Latvian market, and players very rarely get punished if they play games at those live casinos. The government seems more interested to block operators than to punish individuals playing in those. Still, it has been proven that shutting down every illegal foreign gambling site can be a tricky operation.

Live Casinos in Latvia
History Of Gambling In Latvia

History Of Gambling In Latvia

Latvia reached its independence in 1990, and pretty much instantly the gambling market started flourishing. Until then, the Soviet government had placed a ban on all types of gambling. The first casino in Latvia was opened in 1991, but there were no legislative acts or licensing body at the time, so many of those establishments were operating in a sort of a grey market.

In 1998 the Lotteries and Gambling Supervisory Inspection Body was formed for the purpose of licensing and regulating all gambling activities in the country. This proved to be the catalyst for casino brands to enter Latvia and to help the government make good tax revenues. Today, Latvia has over 60 land-based casinos.

As for online gambling, it was legalized in 2003, with final regulations being done by 2007. Operators who wish to start online gambling operations in Latvia must meet certain requirements to obtain a license. The most important rule of the lot is that the gambling company must have at least 51% Latvian ownership, and have headquarters on Latvian territory.

So, although online gambling is legal in Latvia, it is only permitted to companies who have a license to operate nationally. The government tries to block unlicensed foreign operators from offering their services and games to Latvian players.

History Of Gambling In Latvia
Gambling Nowadays In Latvia

Gambling Nowadays In Latvia

Latvia is still an emerging market when it comes to gambling, but they seem to be doing quite well, and what is more important, they have created and are constantly improving a stable gambling market. Large brands entering the market have certainly helped build a strong foundation that will definitely reap its benefits in the future.

Of course, as Latvia is still a relatively new market, there are certain areas that can improve, such as adding more table games or poker, but all in all, the regulation is among the best in Europe, covering both land-based and online gambling, and the interest in gambling seems to be growing among Latvian players, which was not always the case.

Gambling Nowadays In Latvia
Future of Live Online Casino In Latvia

Future of Live Online Casino In Latvia

As it is mentioned above, the legislative framework that covers online gambling in Latvia is among the best in Europe, so it is safe to assume that Latvia online casinos have a bright future ahead. One of the sectors in which casino sites are gaining momentum is the live dealer games, their popularity grows with each day passing.

On top of that, the internet connection and availability increase every day in Latvia, so players will be able to gamble and play live dealer games on a mobile phone or a tablet without any interruptions whatsoever.

What is also new and in the process of developing among Latvian online casinos is the possibility of the introduction of virtual reality in the sector. They are testing this technology, and they plan to introduce it as soon as it is developed enough. The market development is also a factor in the introduction of VR, as it becomes more mature, new opportunities will arise – the introduction of VR is one of them.

The government also tries to block foreign online casinos from offering their services to Latvia gamblers, but that is easier said than done, so players do have access to these sites. As for the future, this trend will probably decrease, as the quality of the services of online casinos in Latvia will only get better, and given that the regulative framework is already spot-on, it is expected that this market will only grow and attract new players.

Future of Live Online Casino In Latvia
Mobile Gaming in Live Casinos in Latvia

Mobile Gaming in Live Casinos in Latvia

The rise of mobile casinos seems only natural, given that mobile phones have become a necessity for almost any person in the world. Many of the live casinos in Latvia offer standalone apps for both Android and iOS.

With the combination of the best mobile payment methods and the virtually limitless mobile games, this seems to be the best time to be a mobile gamer. Latvia has good coverage of 4G LTE, so Latvian players can enjoy their casino gaming experience without any interruptions.

Around 60% of the population in Latvia owns a mobile device, and the leading companies in that sector produce powerful mobile devices that are capable of having mobile casino apps. Latvian live casinos have an app that is very similar to the desktop version of it. Any player can expect hundreds of games in all shapes and sizes.

Mobile Gaming in Live Casinos in Latvia
Regulation Laws And Authorities in Latvia

Regulation Laws And Authorities in Latvia

All types of gambling in Latvia are regulated by the Lotteries and Gambling Supervisory Inspection. Land-based gambling was unregulated until this institution was formed in 1998 when all companies who wished to start gambling operations in the country had to fulfill certain requirements and apply for a license.

Online gambling was legalized in 2003, and now it is completely legal to play at Latvian licensed live casinos. The minimum gambling age in the country is 21. In order to obtain a gambling license, live casinos need to pay around $500,000. This is a high license fee, but the local gambling taxes are as low as 10%. Another requirement to start gambling operations is that the majority of the shareholders must be Latvian.

These licenses do not have any expiry date, and companies will get the approval within 90 days if all the criteria are met. Land-based and live casinos are subject to inspections every year. At the moment, there are around 160 legitimate live casinos in Latvia, so players have a wide range of sites to choose from.

Regulation Laws And Authorities in Latvia
Latvian Players Favorite Live Casino Games

Latvian Players Favorite Live Casino Games

As the Latvian market develops, the number of live casinos increases, and with that, the quality and the number of their games are getting better. Latvian players can enjoy playing live games from the leading software providers in the market.

  • To begin with, any player will be able to enjoy multiple versions of live dealer roulette to play.
  • Live blackjack is another popular game, with gamblers able to interact with a live dealer and enjoy the presence of other players.
  • Live slots are, of course, one of the favorites here, and they have to be mentioned, together with live baccarat.
  • Live poker games are still new and still developing
  • But Latvians can try their luck in the Live Casino Hold'em, where there are no other players, the gambler needs to beat the dealer. This is possible through a live stream against the house.
  • Texas Hold'em is always popular among gamblers, and that is no exception with the live version of it for Latvian players. The cards will be dealt live to them.
Latvian Players Favorite Live Casino Games
Live Casino Game Providers in Latvia

Live Casino Game Providers in Latvia

The fact that Latvia has one of the best regulations of gambling in Europe is an indicator that it will attract the best game providers out there. Most of the live casinos in the country cooperate with the leading software providers, which include:

  • NeEnt
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Playtech
  • Microgaming

Which are sure the most exciting, and technologically advanced software houses.

It seems that Evolution Gaming and Playtech are the companies that are most active and established in the live casino sector in Latvia, and by focusing on the live dealer casinos, they offer standout and quality content for their customers.

Other Casino Games in Latvia

There is no shortage of games available for gamblers in Latvia, the average casino site offers hundreds of top-quality games to choose from. Slot games are extremely popular, both offline and online versions. Latvian players can browse through classic, video, and progressive slots, which have some unique features and bonus structures.

Table games are among the favorites too. There is no shortage of these games in Latvian casino sites, and as mentioned before, these operators partner with the best game providers in the market, so the quality of the games available is a given.

Live Casino Game Providers in Latvia
Top Live Casino Bonuses In Latvia

Top Live Casino Bonuses In Latvia

At any Latvian live casinos, bonuses are available for players who satisfy the requirements needed. Good, developing, and competitive markets such as the Latvian one offers more benefits for the customers, so Latvian gamblers can expect to be rewarded with bonuses frequently.

One thing has to be taken into consideration though - bonuses are not free money. Most of these promotions have certain terms and conditions that need to be fulfilled, so any player needs to carefully go through them to know what are the requirements of the bonus offer.

Welcome Bonus

Most popular bonuses at Latvian live casinos include firstly the well familiar welcome bonus, which is used as a tool to attract new customers at the live casino site. Casino sites in Latvia will offer a valuable welcome bonus which often doubles or even triples the bankroll up to a maximum amount.

Free Spins

Free spins bonuses are popular among players who enjoy playing the slots. They are also pretty common in live casinos in Latvia. No deposit bonuses are also highly sought-after. The good feature of this bonus is that the player does not risk losing the money in his account.

Once again, before claiming these bonuses, any punter needs to make sure to read the terms and conditions attached to it. These bonuses include certain wagering requirements, maximum cashout restrictions, and eligible games to use these bonuses on.

How To Claim These Bonuses

Welcome bonuses seem to have the most terms and conditions, so once again, players need to carefully go through them. These bonuses are available only for newly registered players, and there are different types of welcome bonuses.

These bonuses also require some wagering requirements by the player. This means that the player must make a minimum deposit to be eligible to claim this bonus. Have in mind that these rules vary from one live casino to another.

The no deposit bonus is pretty simple, instead of a player getting some money to play with, they get a certain amount of free spins. This will allow them to check out the live games for free, without risking losing any of their money.

Top Live Casino Bonuses In Latvia


Everything you need to know about casinos

Are live casinos legal in Latvia?

Yes, just like the other forms of gambling, live casinos are legal and well-regulated in Latvia. Their popularity grows with each day passing.

Is it safe to play at Latvian live casinos?

Playing at live casinos licensed and regulated by the Latvian government is completely legal and safe. Offshore live casinos are also available, but there are plenty of quality Latvian sites to choose from, players just need to see if the domain of the site has .lv in it, and it is a sign that it is a reliable live casino.

Can players play for free at Latvian live casinos?

Yes, playing for free is possible in nearly all live casinos. Before opening a game, the player needs to select the “Play for fun” option. This is a great way to test out games, and there is no time limit on free play.

What types of bonuses are available at live casinos in Latvia?

Bonus promotions are pretty standard practice among Latvian live casinos. Players can enjoy a huge variety of bonuses coming in different shapes and sizes. The welcome bonus is available for newly registered players. Free spins promotions, cashback bonuses are also quite popular. There is also a regular deposit match bonus, for which the loyal players are eligible.

Who regulates the gambling market in Latvia?

All types of gambling in Latvia are regulated by the Lotteries and Gambling Supervisory Inspection, which was created in 1998.

Which payment methods are available at the live casinos in Latvia?

As a well-regulated market with quality live casinos to choose from, Latvian players can choose from the best payment methods available, such as e-wallets, debit/credit cards, and so on. The most common payment methods would be Neteller, Skrill, MuchBetter, and ecoPayz.

Are there any withdrawal fees at Latvian live casinos?

Most of the Latvian live casinos do not charge withdrawal fees upon requesting a payout. Have in mind that certain payment methods can charge a small transaction fee, especially if there is a currency conversion needed. The most popular e-wallets like Neteller, Skrill, and PayPal do not charge any withdrawal fee.

How long does it take for the withdrawals to arrive in the account?

Upon verifying the identity and completing the security checks in the live casino, the withdrawal process is generally done within 24 hours if using e-wallets. Other payment methods, such as bank transfers, can take up to a week for the withdrawal to be completed.

Is mobile gaming popular in Latvia?

Mobile gaming seems to be the future of live casinos in Latvia, as the internet penetration is getting better, people have access to mobile devices, and the technological side of this aspect is improving every day.

What is the legal gambling age in Latvia?

The legal gambling age in Latvia is 21.