Live Casino Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital currency that players of many live casinos can use to withdraw their earnings. Bitcoin is a decentralized currency, meaning no central bank or any government authority regulates it. With the currency's increasing price and adoption rate, more and more online casinos allow players to enjoy games using Bitcoin.

Live Casino Bitcoin
Funding a Casino Account with BitcoinReasons for Using Bitcoin

For live casino players online to withdraw using Bitcoin, they need to open a Bitcoin wallet and provide their Bitcoin address. Usually, online casinos that offer Bitcoin as a withdrawal method offer fewer games. However, the benefit of using this currency to withdraw their earnings is, they won't shoulder any transaction fee. The demand for bitcoin is increasing daily as more people learn about cryptocurrency. Bitcoin gives people an opportunity to make money and also transact with ease. If you have Bitcoin, you can use it in select online casinos that support its use.

Here are some steps to help you get started on Bitcoin live casinos where the player can sit at home and play. Players can view the full list of CasinoRank's best live casinos accepting bitcoin.

Follow these steps by step to create a legitimate and secure bitcoin wallet.

live casino taking bitcoin

Get a live casino Bitcoin Account

After you have found a live casino taking bitcoin, you will need a Bitcoin account to send and receive Bitcoin. Different Bitcoin wallets have different security levels. You can use online bitcoin wallets to acquire bitcoin at a lower fee. It is recommended to buy a hardware wallet if you want to be a regular Bitcoin buyer or buy a large volume of Bitcoin. This type of Bitcoin wallet is very secure and easy to use.

Get Bitcoins

You can get Bitcoins in various ways. The easiest and most common way is acquiring Bitcoins from a marketplace. The second way is through Bitcoin mining. Then, verify your transactions through computer software to get rewarded with Bitcoins. Making money with mining is a difficult practice that requires knowledge and resources. The other way to get Bitcoins is by exchanging products or services for Bitcoins.

Secure Your live Bitcoin casino

Take control of your private keys. This will protect you and control your money. For your Bitcoins to be safe, you need to move them to a secure Bitcoin account or a secure hardware wallet. It is not advisable to leave your Bitcoin in exchange.

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Funding a Casino Account with Bitcoin

Funding a Casino Account with Bitcoin

Once you have money in your Bitcoin wallet, you can then deposit it in your online casino account. You just have to choose a casino that accepts Bitcoins. Move to the deposits page of your online casino to deposit your money. Click the Bitcoin option to proceed. You will be given casino-specific instructions on how to make your deposit. Different online casinos follow different processes and have different levels of security.

After you have won, you can withdraw your earnings to your Bitcoin wallet. You are only required to process a withdrawal request through the online casino. Your Bitcoins will be transferred back to your Bitcoin wallet once the withdrawal request is complete. Once you have received your Bitcoins, you can use them to purchase things from sites that accept payment through Bitcoin. You can also convert them into your local currency. It is advisable to research whether a certain casino accepts Bitcoin before creating an account.

It is also good to note that casinos do not exchange Bitcoins. If you deposit Bitcoins, you will play with and withdraw Bitcoins in the end. If you have a problem in carrying out a Bitcoin transaction on your online casino account, feel free to contact customer support.

Funding a Casino Account with Bitcoin
Reasons for Using Bitcoin

Reasons for Using Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a worldwide currency that can be used in any country. It can also be easily changed to any currency. Here are some of the reasons for using Bitcoins at online casinos.


Everybody likes using secure channels to send and receive money. Bitcoin is the most secure way to store money as long as your private key is protected with strong passwords. Bitcoin private keys and passwords are very difficult to access through any site.

Instant Payments

Bitcoin transactions are way much faster than e-wallet transactions. Most of the transactions in Bitcoin are done within minutes while some take a few hours. Some e-wallets take almost a day or more to complete a simple transaction. This might inconvenience you if you are in urgent need of the funds.


Using Bitcoin at online casinos is way much cheaper than using traditional online payment methods. Its transaction fee is a fraction of the sum charged in credit card payments or bank transfers. As a gambler, you will get to keep more of your winnings.

Reasons for Using Bitcoin

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