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Most live game providers in casinos follow a strict structure. However, live casino live table games occasionally stir things up and present something new. Visionary Gaming released Blackjack Early Payout in 2010. This table is attractive in that it allows participants to cash out early. Players can cash out on a solid hand without even having to play it.

The live game is also one of the few free blackjack games available from live casino software providers. Multiple punters can play each hand simultaneously. Participants can also play up to three hands per deal with these numerous hands. Additionally, players can wager on Pairs or Rummy side bets. Since the Live Blackjack Early Payout game is played in the browser, there is no need for players to download an extra app.

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What is Live Blackjack Early Payout?

Visionary Gaming's Live Blackjack Early Payout is a popular blackjack variant throughout Asia, Europe, Latin America, and beyond. A chat-to-dealer option is available in the game, with a crisp dealer voice response. Due to its characteristics, Blackjack Early Payout seems to be the most prominent Visionary iGaming invention.

The game draws players from all walks of life from all over the world. Whether or not players agree with the game's rules, the gameplay interface is exceptionally well-designed. The video stream and supporting dealer audio are of good quality, even over a sluggish internet connection. The live game’s bet guidelines and prompts are clearly explained to participants.

How to Play Live Blackjack Early Payout

The typical primary strategy option is highlighted in blue during the casino games live. All other possibilities are silver. Six decks and an unlimited number of players are used in this game. At any given time, a player can play up to three positions. Pairs and Rummy are two more side bets available with Live Blackjack Early Payout.

The Rules for Live Blackjack Early Payout

Participants have the option of taking up to three seats when they first start the game at the best live casinos. After that, players only have a brief time to place their main and side bets. Punters can keep doing this till the timer goes off. One cannot make side bets without first setting a wager on the main bet for that hand.

For all three hands, the dealer draws two cards. Players can only play the hands-on, which they bet. As is customary in European Blackjack, the dealer only pulls one card. Participants can choose to hit, stand, split, double, or take the early payoff. Two factors determine the amount one receives from the early payout; the hand's strength and the dealer's face-up card.

Participants are complete with that hand for this round if they choose the early payout option. The dealer then draws their second card if players select any other possibilities. The release checks to see if either side has reached a hand of 21. If not, the winner is the team closest to 21 without busting. A tie occurs when both sides have the same hand value.

What is Essential to Consider During the Game?

Punters have two options when the essential strategic play is to STAND. The options are either to STAND or to accept a payment. The payout is calculated based on one’s stake and the cards dealt at that point. At this moment, no one can HIT.

This selection is blue when the fundamental strategy play is HIT, SPLIT, DOUBLE DOWN. Players can, however, deviate from the basic approach and STAND. Alternatively, individuals can select the payoff option, which is always available. If one chooses to STAND, the dealer deals them a hand according to standard strategy but does not add other cards to their total.

Payouts for Live Blackjack Early Payouts by Visionary Gaming

When players use the fundamental blackjack strategy, the RTP for this live game is 99.50 percent. The Pairs side bet is simple to understand. Players win if the first two cards in their hand are a pair. This side bet pays out 11:1 in cash. Individuals’ two cards and the dealer's first card are checked in Rummy or 2+1.

For players to receive the 9:1 award, these cards must create one of three combinations. These combinations can be Straight three cards (4H, 5D, 6S), Three identical cards with the same value (10D, 10H, 10S), or Three of the same suit cards (2D, 9D, KD).


Blackjack wins are paid 1:1. The payout is the monetary reward to players for just outplaying the casino live dealer with their hand. A blackjack win results in a 3:2 reward, but players must draw 21 with their first two cards to win at blackjack. Players can place an insurance bet if the live dealer online casino dealer's first card is an Ace. If the dealer has a blackjack, insurance pays 2:1.

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