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Whoever thought they'd had it all from Playtech could be mistaken. This leading gambling software provider recently shook the world of live casino gaming with their Live Adventures Beyond Wonderland release. The newly launched Playtech live game uses inspiration from their online slots, Adventures Beyond Wonderland, plus additional features to make it exclusive, attractive, and interactive.

Adventures Beyond Wonderland is an answered prayer to every player looking for an exclusively immersive game with industry-leading technology and an enriching experience. In his own words, Edo Haitin, the CEO of Playtech Live, says that the current players demand experience-led and innovative content, and their new launch provides that and more. They term the iconic theme, look, and feel a groundbreaking move in the industry.

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What is ‘Live Adventures Beyond Wonderland’

What is ‘Live Adventures Beyond Wonderland’

Live Adventures Beyond Wonderland by Playtech is a fun, easy-to-play live casino version of a slot with a similar name from Playtech. It features back-end technology, including an augmented reality (AR) and a revolving studio.

A dealer dressed in outfits imitating those of the dominant characters in Playtech's iconic Adventures Beyond Wonderland slot, Alice or the Mad Hatter, controls the ‘wonderspins’. They also breathe life into the game.

Live Adventures Beyond Wonderland has three in-game bonuses: the Magic Dice, March of the Card Soldiers, and the Caterpillar Mystery Bubble. An additional overarching bonus is also available to maximize the winning potential for players.

What is ‘Live Adventures Beyond Wonderland’
How to Play Live Adventures Beyond Wonderland

How to Play Live Adventures Beyond Wonderland

Live Adventures Beyond Wonderland is fun to play and watch. It has a thrilling theme and graphics to make every moment worthwhile and create an enthralling gaming session.

A player will need to register and place a bet in their preferred live casino to start. The Adventures Beyond Wonderland is available in the Game Show Section of most live casino lobbies. If the game is in progress, it will be necessary to wait for it to end and join when the next betting session begins. The dealer spins the wheel after the closure of the betting window.

Every betting session offers seven wagering options, and a wheel has 54 segments. Each segment carries one of the four numbers that a player can bet on, including 1, 2, 5, and 10. There are 22 fields on the wheel with the number 1, 15 sections with 2, five segments with 5, and only four containing 10.

The player's bet amount will multiply times the number they bet on in case of a win. The game also has eight bonus rounds.

How to Win a Live Adventures Beyond Wonderland Game

A player can bet exclusively on the numbers (1, 2, 5, and 10) or combine the numbers and the bonus rounds available.

The bonus rounds available for betting include the 2 WonderSpins, 5 WonderSpins, and the Magic Dice. Mystery Bonus Spin is also open as a bonus game for all players. But, it comes as a surprise, and a player doesn't have to wager on it to occur.

If a player bets on the numbers only, they win if the wheel stops on the number they placed a wager on and receive winnings worth the value of their bet times that number. The eight rounds of bonuses each have a unique way to reward the player with varying prizes and wins. These wins apply as follows:

  • The Magic Dice awards up to a 100× bet multiplier
  • The Soldier's Mystery awards a 10× bet multiplier
  • The Caterpillar's Mystery awards 8× free spin multipliers

No specific strategy guarantees a win in Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live. However, the live casino game allows players to bet on up to four numbers each session. Wagering on four numbers (or one number and a bonus round) on each betting round is a great way to enhance the success of a stake.

How to Play Live Adventures Beyond Wonderland
Live Adventures Beyond Wonderland Payouts

Live Adventures Beyond Wonderland Payouts

Live Adventures Wonderland graces players' screens with more than the beautiful graphics and immersive gaming experiences. While there's no specific way to win, every session gives a player an opportunity to land cash prizes, free spins, and bet multipliers of up to 100×.

The game's return to player (RTP) ranges from 96.58% to 96.82%, depending on a player's bet. The 10× multiplier is the highest on the main bet (if the punter wager on numbers only). However, bonus betting yields better returns. The white rabbit, for instance, starts at a 50× payout, with the potential of higher gains, depending on the inner wheel spin. On the other hand, the Magic Dice awards up to 100× on the maximum. Two and 5 WonderSpin bets are way better, with the potential of winning up to $500,000 and a 96.67% RTP.

The betting cap differs from one live casino to the next. But, the lowest on most casinos is $0.1 up to a maximum of $10,000. Here's a recap table on the possible payouts.

Type of Wager Payout Ratio Number of Sections RTP:

  • 1 1:1 22 96.82%
  • 2 2:1 15 96.69%
  • 5 5:1 5 96.58%
  • 10 10:1 4 96.70%
  • Magic Dice Up to 100× Bet Multiplier 2 96.58%
  • 2 WonderSpins Maximum $500,000 3 96.66%
  • 5 WonderSpins Maximum $500,000 1 96.67%
Live Adventures Beyond Wonderland Payouts
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