Best 10 N2-Live Live Casinos 2023

There are many famous Asian live casino software providers, and N2-Live is one of them. The brand specializes in producing content with live dealers and has a good assortment of live tables featuring some of the most popular casino games. Having started as a small enterprise, the developer has surprisingly achieved great success within a few years, conquering the eastern market and attracting interest from millions of European casino aficionados. The only undoing of N2-Live is perhaps the fact that its games are not available at many online casinos. However, that's not something to worry about since popularity does not necessarily mean quality.

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About N2Live

About N2Live

Though it is one of the top software providers, it is worth pointing out that N2-Live does not operate as an independent firm. Instead, the brand is more of an EntwineTech subsidiary. EntwineTech (initially Enterasia) is a Filipino-based live casino provider founded in 2004. Those who have been in live casino gaming long enough know this provider. Focusing on baccarat tables and oriental-themed products, the company managed to be one of the most popular developers in Asia.

But how did N2-Live come about? EntwineTech owners knew that competition in the iGaming industry is fierce, so they had to be on top of their game. To excel against the backdrop of this stiff competition, the company decided to expand.

However, the expansion had nothing to do with a new country, region, or content; it was about registering a presence in the live gaming world. Working in tandem with AngelLive, EntwineTech went ahead and founded N2-Live in 2013. Initially, N2-Live struggled in the market due to shoddy camerawork and the absence of some important features in its products.

Software Upgrade

Four years after its foundation, N2-Live upgraded its live gaming software to include multi-table simultaneous betting, diversified betting options, and real-time betting data. Today, the brand still upgrades its games regularly to ensure it delivers the best possible products. And while it still has some work to do to catch up with the industry kings (Evolution, Playtech, etc.), it still boasts a robust live game portfolio that suits its target markets.


N2-Live's gaming licenses come from two jurisdictions: the Philippines and the Isle of Man. As a bonus, the company's games are tested and declared fair by GLI (Gaming Labs International).

About N2Live
Unique Features of N2Live

Unique Features of N2Live

N2-Live software is optimized for mobile use. All the developer's games are suitable for HTLM5 portals and native apps. The brand has already had good exposure at ICE events, promoting Asian-themed casino games alongside other live dealer software providers like SA Gaming and Asia Gaming.

One thing that is exclusive to N2-Live is the smart bet system, which allows gamers to set up a system that can automatically place bets for them based on their strategies. And while the option to chat with other players may not be available (for now), players can play multiple games (up to 4) at a go. This is a rare feature that many live game providers don't offer. Of course, this feature may not work for beginners or slow players. It is for the most table-skilled players.

Unique Features of N2Live
N2Live Studios

N2Live Studios

Typically, any new developer must work hard to set up live dealer studios and build a client base, among other things. This wasn't the case with N2-Live because the developer did not begin from scratch; there was already an infrastructure to build on. The developer's parent company (EntwineTech) had already built its business empire. Of course, N2-Live went through some pain in the beginning, but it wasn't as severe as the pain that other start-ups experience.

The Main Studio in Manila

When N2-Live was launched, the company started streaming games from EntwineTech's main studio in Manila (the capital of the Philippines) right away. This is a modern live casino studio with state-of-the-art equipment. There is nothing like too much silence or too much noise here; everything is well balanced. Some of the best gaming providers know that this is necessary to create an immersive experience.

The Studio in Malaysia

On top of the Manila studio, N2-Live also has a live studio in Malaysia, which seems to be more of a backup. This studio comes in handy if the Manila facility is overwhelmed or if there is a technical hitch. Truth be told; this is a clever move to ensure players always have a space at the tables.

The Latvian Studio

Now, both the Manila and Malaysian studios are located in Asia, and they specifically serve the Asian gambling community. Having conquered the Asian market, EntwineTech expanded its empire to Europe, and that's how the Latvian studio came into existence. N2-Live started streaming games from this studio as soon as it was opened. Such a strategic location with easy access to more players and online casinos would put the developer in a good position for success. The studio features native English-speaking dealers who ensure English players enjoy the best possible experience.

N2Live Studios


Everything you need to know about casinos

What is N2-Live?

N2-Live is an Asian casino software developer founded in 2013 by EntwineTech. The developer supplies games primarily to the Asian casino market. However, its products are also well received in Europe, with English-speaking dealers available in the company's Latvian studio.

What live games does N2-Live offer?

N2-Live produces several game titles, which include roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and Sic Bo. Some of these titles include both virtual and live dealers. The games are loved in Asia and beyond.

Are N2-Live casino games fair?

N2-Live games are hosted on licensed online casinos. Besides, the games are tested and certified as fair by an independent auditor known as Gaming Labs International, one of the most strict auditors in iGaming. So, players can rest assured they are playing in the safest gaming environment.

Where can N2-Live games be found online?

Most N2-Live casinos have a live section where players can find all N2-Live games. Players will need to register at any of these casinos and deposit money before playing these games. Thankfully, most N2-Live casinos have made it easy for players to sign up and start playing, as long as their internet connection is reliable.

What is the best N2-Live casino?

The best N2-Live casinos with live dealers can be found at CasinoRank, one of the best casino review sites on the internet. The site has taken a deeper dive into N2-Live casinos and created a list of the best live casinos to choose from based on facts. This is helpful, especially for players who don't have time to do their own research.

How can players win at N2-Live games?

Players should never forget that playing casino games does not come with any guarantee of winning. To give themselves a chance of getting some profit, players should understand how the game they want to play works and choose games with the highest RTP percentage. A smart idea is to play within budget and exercise self-control.

Where are N2-Live studios located?

N2-Live studios are located in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Latvia. The company makes use of EntwineTech's studio establishments to stream games.

Are there any bonuses for N2-Live game players?

Yes. Besides being exciting and immersive, most N2-Live games come with bonuses that players can take advantage of to boost their bankrolls. The bonuses include welcome bonuses, cashback bonuses, VIP programs, and many more. These freebies vary from one N2-Live casino to another.

Can players play N2-Live games on their smartphone devices?

All N2-Live games are developed using HTML5, which ensures they run on any device, including iOS and Android phones and tablets.

Does N2-Live offer poker?

N2-Live does not offer any poker table at the moment, and the company is yet to express the desire to do so.