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November 28, 2022

Evolution Live Monopoly Big Baller Review, Bets, and Strategy

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Evolution Gaming, the biggest live content aggregator, is always looking to improve its live game show collection. The latest addition is Live Monopoly Big Baller, released in August 2022. Like Monopoly Live, this new addition centers around the ball-drawing machine, where the balls keep popping out, and players line up numbers on the bingo card. So, keep reading to know what this live casino game is all about.

Evolution Live Monopoly Big Baller Review, Bets, and Strategy

What is the Live Monopoly Big Baller?

Those who have played Monopoly Live with the same developer shouldn't have any problems playing this new game. For the green hands, Live Monopoly Big Baller by Evolution is a bingo-style game where balls are drawn from the machine and players match numbers on the card lines. As expected, players win bigger payouts if they match more lines. 

According to Evolution Gaming's Chief Product Officer, Todd Haushalter, Monopoly Big Baller targets bingo and lottery-style game lovers. Haushalter said that the game is visually and thematically different from the original title, and players will get more rolls during the great Bonus Round. 

"MONOPOLY is such a mega brand and the basic premise of the board game is so well understood and loved around the world. MONOPOLY Big Baller packs all of that brand value into a new online live game show that is sure to appeal not only to MONOPOLY and bingo lovers, but also to a new and much wider audience." The official added.

Note that Monopoly Big Baller players can trigger the Bonus Rounds by matching the balls in three and five rows. But in the original title, you get between two and four rows. 

How to Play Monopoly Big Baller

Playing Monopoly Big Baller at the best live casino sites is relatively straightforward. First, visit the casino lobby and choose this game's title. After firing up the game, place a wager during the 12-second window. The bet limit is 0.10 to 1,000 coins. Players can select one of the four bingo cards and decide whether to play the bonus cards. 

After the betting round closes, Mr. Monopoly will set the ball-drawing machine into motion, randomly selecting 20 balls from the 60 colored balls. You'll notice a red spot on the bingo card if the ball drawn matches the number on the card. Once the 20-ball selection is complete, players get a payout depending on the card's winning lines. Remember, the payouts can come with an active multiplier. 

It's also critical to differentiate between the Free Space and Chance cards. Mr. Monopoly can randomly add Free Spaces to the cards with the former. These spaces act as drawn digits, increasing the chances of hitting a winning line, because players need fewer physical cards for that. Regarding the Chance cards, you're sure of landing a multiplier, although Mr. Monopoly can add free spaces later.

The Monopoly Big Baller Multipliers

The multipliers are indeed the main attractions of the base game. At the start of each round, specific numbers on your chance card can have a random multiplier. Of course, these multipliers can affect the payouts, giving players some sizeable wins. 

Below are the multipliers that can be assigned to your card:

  • Standard multipliers: A 10x or 20x multiplier is assigned to your payout if a winning line has a ball carrying these multipliers. 
  • Line multipliers: Sometimes, a winning line can randomly get 20x or 50x multipliers. This automatically affects the payout.
  • Universal multipliers: All winnings on the bingo card can get a 3x or 5x multiplier. Interestingly, these multipliers can also affect the line and standard multipliers.

The Monopoly Big Baller Bonus Games

Like other live casino games from Evolution, the maximum payout in Monopoly Big Baller centers around the Bonus Rounds. Players must bet on the three or five rolls to participate in the Bonus Round. The bonus games will start if three numbers for the "three rolls" spot are drawn or five digits for the "five rolls" position. Remember that this is after drawing all the 20-numbered balls.

In the meantime, the Bonus Rounds use two dice. If all the numbers for the three rolls bet are drawn, Mr. Monopoly will roll the dice three times. On the other hand, the dice will be rolled five times after drawing all the numbers for the five roll spot. 

Now things will get even more exciting on the "Monopoly Board." You'll get an improved payout if the ball stops on a square with a multiplier, and the multipliers can build up to over 100x. But if the dice stops on the Tax or Super Tax squares, your payout reduces by 10% or 20%. 

You can also send Mr. Monopoly to jail if the dice stop rolling on the "Go to Jail" square. Landing on the Community Chest of Chance squares can charge a fee or award a prize. So, all in all, the Bonus Round features are a double-edged sword. 

Monopoly Big Baller Payouts and RTP

In Monopoly Big Baller, players place a wager on a card instead of a line, receiving a payout plus any possible multipliers if the line wins. With the Free Space cards, players can receive a 2 to 39:1 payout per line, whereas the Chance cards have improved payouts of 2 to 199:1. The maximum payout for the three and five rolls is $500,000.

RTP-wise, the game has a theoretical return rate of 96.10%. This is slightly lower than the 96.23% payout rate on the Monopoly Live title. But that's primarily expected because of the improved bonus rounds. Note that most Evolution Gaming live game shows rarely exceed 97% RTP. For example, the RTP for Live Football Studio and Crazy time is 96.27% and 96.08%, respectively. 

Are There any Monopoly Bingo Tips?

Unfortunately, no strategy can reduce the house edge in Live Monopoly Big Baller and other online live casino games, except blackjack and poker. Obviously, all the numbers, including the three and five rolls, are selected using an RNG (random number generator) system. This means all the numbers on the machine have the same chance of appearing on the cards. 

But as said before, choosing the Free Space cards reduces the numbers you need to complete a winning line. Also, players can increase their chances of completing a winning bingo-card line by playing all cards. However, you'll need a bigger bankroll to achieve anything meaningful from this strategy. But all in all, play Monopoly Big Baller for fun and use a bankroll.

Final Thoughts about Monopoly Big Baller

Monopoly Big Baller is a cracking game that follows up on the hugely successful Monopoly Live. It maintains the exciting gameplay of the original title while adding an enhanced bonus feature to help players hit the maximum payout much quicker. So, if you're a fan of bingo-type games, this one should get you glued to your screen.

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