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Live casino offers a player an exciting online experience. Live casino games are shown via a live streaming video link from a casino table, in real-time. Brick and mortar casinos can also stream a live game. Players on the online casino platform can place wagers on their personal computers and communicate directly with the casino dealer via the chat function on the website. Microgaming, the software provider strives to make a player feel as if they are on the casino floor with these one-on-one player-dealer interactions.

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General Information

Game nameLive Playboy Baccarat
Game typeBaccarat
Software ProviderMicrogaming
Streaming fromToronto

How to play Baccarat Playboy live game

Live Playboy Baccarat is a stylishly designed and stunning live casino game by Microgaming. This live game is streamed in high definition quality from a professional studio in Toronto to top live casinos in the industry. This live game has exclusive tables that are even operated by genuine playboy bunnies.

Playboy Baccarat is a multiplayer game played with 8 decks of cards. It accommodates up to 7 players in each play. Live Playboy Baccarat is considered one of the top live games in live casinos worldwide. This game follows the standard Baccarat rules.

The option to place different side bets on any live game player is the most important thing to consider with a live game. This feature is optional and is played separately from the main player wagers. As part of its distinct features, live Playboy Baccarat comes with exceptional graphics, professionally trained Playboy dealers, and generous payouts of up to 30:1 in instances where side bets are involved. This amazing game is, however, not available in the mobile phone version yet.

Rules of Live Playboy Baccarat

All top live casinos have different rules and regulations for players to abide by. This also applies to live Playboy Baccarat. The player’s main objective is to make a prediction of which hand shall win the round. The winning hand should have a hand value nearest to 9.

This top casino live game is conducted by a croupier and eight decks of 52 cards each (standard) are involved in each play. Every card has a different value. These values are assigned as follows:

  • 10s and face cards are each worth zero (0)
  • Aces have the lowest card value of one point each (1)
  • Cards with numbers on their faces have a value equivalent to that number. These are cards 2 to 9.

In the main Live Playboy Baccarat game, each card's value is the relevant point. A player, before each gameplay, must place their wager predicting whether the banker or player wins. The software provider, MicroGaming, has also given players the option of placing wagers on a tied round. The tied round results both hands have cards of the same value.

The croupier sets off each play by dealing both the player and the banker two cards each. If both the player and banker hold hands of an equal value, the play is a definite tie. This will see the wager amounts placed on both the banker and player returned. In most top live casinos, if both the banker and player hands get 2-card hands of between 0 and 7, the 3rd-card applies. This determines whether the dealer draws another card. In such cases, the player goes first at all times.

Playboy Baccarat payouts

Live Playboy Baccarat shares a stage with the top live games. The live games software provider, MicroGaming, created a game that gives the player 240 ways to win. The respectable RTP of 97 percent, numerous bonus rounds, and a sizeable jackpot make the game very popular. Live Playboy Baccarat is at the top of live games with the highest RTP rate. Microgaming’s Playboy slot machine has $250,000 for every $30 maximum stake spent per spin. These payouts have made live Playboy Baccarat the most popular live game that top live casinos have.

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