Best Super Sic Bo Live Casino in 2022

Few can argue about the popularity of the ancient Chinese game Sic Bo. It's loved in equal measure in both online and land-based casinos. Thanks to Evolution Gaming, Sic Bo is taken a higher notch through the release of its variant, Super Sic Bo.

What is Super Sic Bo?
What is Super Sic Bo?

What is Super Sic Bo?

Super Sic Bo is a relatively new live casino game that was launched by Evolution Gaming in 2019. It's a n upgrade of the traditional Sic Bo. The gameplay and some rules are still similar. Still, the most glaring difference is the inclusion of multipliers that pay up to 1000x. Gamblers have to be thrilled with this feature since it offers the opportunity to land substantial cashouts.

How to Play Super Sic Bo? Super Sic Bo Rules

Despite the introduction of multipliers, Super Sic Bo retains the rules used in the original version. A three dice roll determines the game's outcome. A standard dice with a face value of 1 to 6 is usually used. Before each round, random multiplies are scattered between zero and different bet spots.

After players stake their bets, the dice shaker is activated. No wagers are accepted once the custom dice shaker begins to run. At this stage, the players have nothing to do but hope that their combinations win. The game comes to an end when the vibrations stop. The faces of the three dice are recorded, and the combination determined. The payouts are based on the winning combination and the multipliers.

What is Super Sic Bo?
How Does Super Sic Bo Work?

How Does Super Sic Bo Work?

The game's objective is to land the perfect combination between the three dice. The live Sic Bo table details all these dice combinations and might look overwhelming to the novice player. Since there are no limits placed, punters can wager as many combinations as they wish. Players can wager on any single number to appear, the total of the three dice, two particular numbers to appear, or any number combination. The amount payable is based on probability.

There are different Super Sic Bo bets that players can make. Here are some of the common wagers.

Big and Small Bets

Players can gamble on the total of the three dice being big (between 11 to 17) or being small (4 to 10). 3 and 18 are missing because the big and small bet loses whenever the triple appears. Because they are even chance bets, they pay 1:1.

Odd and Even

In an odd and even bet, a player predicts whether the sum of the three dice will be even or odd. Both the odd and evens pay 1:1.


Totals are bets placed on a specific number being the total of the three dice. The payout is dependent on the number selected.

Single, Double, and Triple Wagers

These bets are based on individual dice as opposed to the cumulative sum of the three dice.

How to Win at Super Sic Bo: Super Sic Bo Strategy

Since Super Sic Bo is a game of luck, gamblers cannot rely on a specific strategy. The multipliers are randomly assigned, and winning them is dependent on chance.

One strategy that some gamblers use is staking two bets. One of the wagers is safer, while the other one plays for solid wins. These bets are still risky since players can either win or lose both bets. The vital thing to keep in mind while playing is that the house edge slightly favors the house.

How Does Super Sic Bo Work?


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When was Super Sic Bo invented?

Super Sic Bo was launched in 2019.

Which gaming provider powers Super Sic Bo?

Evolution Gaming launched and continues to power this game.

What bets and odds are available?

The odds vary depending on the type of bet. Common bets include big, small, even, odd, totals, singles, triples, and doubles.