Online Live Poker Tips and Tricks

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With online casino sites gathering more and more bettors globally, live poker has become accessible for quite a lot of players.

This game requires you to be skilled, unlike many other casino card games that are all about luck. So, you can make a lot of mistakes if you are not prepared.

To prevent that, we from CasinoRank will give you some tips for becoming a better poker player and go over some of the mistakes that you can make during your online poker journey.

Online Live Poker Tips and Tricks

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Online Live Poker

  • Playing Too Many Hands - It can be tempting to play every hand when you're online, since it's easy to click a button to call or raise. However, playing too many hands can lead to losing money and getting into sticky situations. Be patient and wait for strong starting hands.
  • Not Paying Attention to Opponents - When you play poker online, you can get distracted easily. But, paying attention to your opponents can help you in the long term to avoid making bad decisions.
  • Making Emotional Decisions - You should never let your emotions affect your poker game.
  • Ignoring Position - Just like in land-based casino poker, the position is also important when playing live online. Pay attention to your position in each hand and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  • Not Managing Your Bankroll Properly - Managing your bankroll is essential when playing online live poker. Make sure you're playing at stakes that are appropriate for your bankroll and don't chase losses by playing above your means.

How to Recover from Mistakes in Online Live Poker

The first step to recovering from making any mistakes is simply to accept you made them. Then, you have to carefully analyze why you made it and learn from it. You can decrease the chance of repeating the same mistake in the future. You should aim to never let past mistakes affect your gameplay in a negative way, but use them to your advantage.

Tips for Playing Live Poker Online

  • Start with Lower Stakes - For beginners who play live poker online, it's a good idea to use lower stakes. This way, you can first get enough experience without risking too much every hand. And when you become better, you can start high rolling.
  • Play Tight - When you are starting playing poker, you have to play tight until you get enough experience to do that more aggressively.
  • Take Breaks - Set a time limit for each poker session you have. That way, you can take breaks and then return to the game relaxed.

How to Improve Your Online Live Poker Skills

  • Study Poker Strategy - The best way to become a better poker player is to get familiar with strategies. There are many ways to learn them, but nowadays, video tutorials are the most preferred way.
  • Review Hand Histories - Going back to your history is the best option to analyze what went wrong and improve for the better. Look for mistakes you made and think about how you could have played the hand differently.
  • Play with Better Players - Playing with players who are better than you can be intimidating, but it's also a great way to learn. Watch their gameplay and try to understand their thought process.
  • Seek Feedback from Peers - Discussing your gameplay with peers can provide valuable feedback and different perspectives.
  • Practice - Consistency is key when it comes to becoming successful at poker. The more you play, the more experienced poker player you will become.


Live poker is a game that requires you to be proficient enough and make the best decisions. However, sometimes we all make mistakes, so you have to learn to accept them and use them to your advantage.

If you follow the live poker tips that we grouped in this guide, you will drastically improve your skills for playing this exciting game at online live casinos.

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How can I get better at online live poker?

To get better at online live poker, avoid common mistakes and follow tips for success, such as studying the game, reviewing hand histories, playing with better players, seeking feedback, and consistently practicing.

Is online live poker a skill or luck?

Online live poker involves both skill and luck. While luck plays a role in short-term outcomes, skillful players are the ones who consistently win in the long run.

Can you make a living playing poker online?

Making a living playing live poker online is possible but challenging. You must dedicate yourself to the game and prepare for a very long process.

How do you win at online live poker?

Poker is one of the casino games that require not only luck but skill. So, if you practice enough, you can win eventually.

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