20bet's Live Dealer Games Review - Tips & Tricks

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Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

Playing games at a casino is very intuitive, so even players who are just discovering the online gambling world will find it easy. Anyhow, it is always a good idea to know a little something about the games they decide to play, especially when it comes to Live Casino games. This is because, unlike other casino games, live casino games are not available in fun mode.

Live Casino is an inseparable part of 20Bet Casino, and players love it because they can play their favorite games and at the same time socialize with the dealer and other players.

The experience at a live casino will depend on many factors such as software provider, game selection, and live dealers' competence, just to name some. To help players have the best possible experience at a live casino we have made a list of top 10 live casino tips:

  • Find a casino to trust – it is very important to know that a player is playing at a safe and fair live casino. We assure each player that 20Bet is a casino they can trust since they have all the necessary licenses to operate.
  • Have enough bandwidth – playing at a live casino requires seamless live streaming and impeccable gameplay. To make sure these things are possible, players need to have enough bandwidth. It is very important to check the technical requirements and make sure their internet connection is good enough for smooth gameplay.
  • Do not chase losses – it is very important to play at a live casino with the money players can afford to lose. It is possible to hit big wins when playing live casino games but there is also a great chance they can lose all their funds. When they do, they shouldn’t chase losses. There will be another opportunity to play, and if luck is not on their side the best move is to leave the casino and come back another day.
  • Know when to stop – players need to know that chasing losses is a big ‘no’ when playing live casino games. At the same time, some players are never satisfied with their winnings and they don’t know when to stop. Learning how to balance their gameplay is a very important part of playing in a casino.
  • Talk to the pit boss – each live casino game has a supervisor known as the Pit Boss. In case the live dealer makes a mistake, the best thing to do is to turn to the Pit Boss. If the dealer indeed made a mistake, the player will have their bets returned.
  • Use a strategy – playing live casino games requires some knowledge. Knowing the rules of the game they decide to play will take them a long way. On top of that, using a good strategy will improve their chances of winning drastically. We have to say that these strategies will not work all the time, but they will help players improve their chances of winning.
  • Learn the Live Casino etiquette – when playing at a live casino there are usually more players playing the same game. For that reason, it is important to be a good customer and know the live casino etiquette. A player needs to occupy a seat only when they are prepared to play, and it is very important to treat the other players and the dealer with respect.
  • Organize your time – gambling is a fun activity and it is possible to lose track of time. For that reason, players need to organize their time. Some features will help players to monitor the time they spend at the casino.
  • Take advantage of promotions – 20Bet Casino offers some promotions specially designed for live casino games. We advise players to log into their accounts from time to time so they won't miss anything. Claiming a bonus is a great way to boost one’s balance and allow players to prolong their gameplay.
  • Have fun – the most important thing when playing live casino games is to have fun. Sometimes players forget to enjoy the game they play because they are chasing losses or are eager to win.